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The average MSer should strive to have multiple income streams, or at least more than one.  

I came across this claim recently: "...the average millionaire has 7 different income streams." Wow.  Way to ensure financial security!
More relevant to us is that the average MSer should strive to have multiple income streams, or at least more than one.  
For example
If you are still working, you have your salary.  And if you are still getting a paycheck, whether or not you decide to disclose your diagnosis to your employer, you need to now seriously consider that you are ultimately self-employed. Investigate telecommuting.  Ask for a raise. Start squirreling away money for an emergency fund
If you have a life partner who is able to work, too, and you share financial decisions, this may be a second stream of income. Discuss amongst yourselves.
If you are no longer able to work but are eligible for it, get on Social Security Disability (SSDI) as soon as possible.  The goal here is to have a stable source of funds and then try to maximize it as much as possible. Save where you can. Resolve to only buy with a coupon. Stock up when items are on sale.
If you can no longer work, and are not eligible for Social Security, you can have a pity party for yourself for half a day at most, then dry your tears and keep reading.
Any savings could morph into another stream of income. Check out 401(k) rules, IRA/RothIRA, annuities, other investment vehicles. (I trust and always start my money research with The Motley Fool website). But if you haven't started to save, do it now. Start today. Give yourself some flexibility and choice in the future.  
Finally, consider starting a "side hustle" or two.  One of the most tempting to me right now is shopping for stuff at thrift stores to resell on EBay. Check out other ideas here:

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