I am still maintaining dietary restrictions from my food sensitivities. This has been really hard on OH, who cooks a lot of my meals, and a testament to how much he has been trying. And one thing that I’ve noticed is that my bladder situation has gotten much better.

My initial reaction, before being tested, was that coffee with its infamous diuretic properties was increasing my urgency to go. But having something warm in the morning was so comforting that I just tried to have one cup more than an hour before I had to get in the car and commute to work.

After I was tested I learned that I shouldn’t be drinking coffee, tea or cocoa at all, so I began trying coffee alternatives such as Teeccino®.

I started to notice that the urgency was gone, but at the time I was wary about the benefits of the diet versus just the normal remitting inherent to my disease.

But I ultimately resumed drinking coffee regularly when I switched to working from home because it smells so good when it is brewing. And it was just so easy to pour a cup and head back to my computer at home.

To my delight, the urgency did not return and I began to take this to mean that still avoiding something was helping.

The final proof was that I had some wheat inadvertently in some store-bought meatballs. The next day the urgency was back, so I examined the ingredients on the label. Sure enough: wheat.

copyedited in 2022

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