I woke up this a.m. with a fierce headache, which I get a couple of times a year. I took two Excedrin® Migraine and crawled back into bed for a bit longer.

Lying awake in bed is my “thinking” position. So I began to consider what I’d do if I woke up one morning and was suddenly free of this disease.

I’d take the dog on a long walk. To the ocean. And let him off-leash to run in the surf, which he loves.

I’d walk up to the pool for “public swim.”

I’d get in and help with the work on our house. Physical, hard work. It is still in such disarray since the contractor fled. And while I am so thankful that OH is able to slowly complete things, it would be wonderful to be able to join him.

I’d go to a meeting of my professional association. I’ve been able to still stay active from home, administering our e-mail list and job posting page, but attending meetings makes me constantly worry about falling and exhausted when I get home.

I’d meet friends at a restaurant. Without needing to be driven there.

I’d restart my journal. I’d write notes to my husband and hide them. I’d make cards for the holidays.

But I think I would continue to exercise on the elliptical machine. And I’d continue to work at home; that’s been a great “gift.” And I’d go back and get my food sensitivities retested; to avoid sensitive foods has been good for my energy and my thinking, at least.

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