Duck eggs

In an effort to find alternatives to what I can’t eat, my husband has been scrambling me duck eggs. It was originally conceived after our neighbor, “The Pie Lady,” brought some back from her family farm after a weekend visit. I seemed to tolerate them fine and it was so cozy to be able to have scrambled eggs from time to time.

Then he got duck eggs from a local Asian market.  Last Sunday, after having them with some uncured bacon (also a nod to my food sensitivities), I became violently sick to my stomach (projectile vomiting, explosive diarrhea, full-on gastric distress). Hmmm, a new clue.

At that time, we had to consider both the pork and the eggs suspect. But my husband had had both and experienced nothing unusual. A mystery!

Yesterday, a week later, we again attempted just the eggs. And within four hours, I was again violently sick. And again, he experienced nothing unusual.

So, for whatever reason, the duck eggs from the Asian market, at least this batch, don’t agree with me. Obviously, it is not all duck eggs because those from the Pie Lady didn’t bother me. And it isn’t contamination because he experienced nothing.

If I decide to continue to investigate this, I will again have to try some from the Pie Lady, and if that does nothing, I will have to try a different batch from the Asian market.  Or I could just avoid eggs altogether for the rest of my life. Not good…

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