I have not been able to go back and get my food sensitivities checked again. I still am not driving myself and OH continues to be sick: he is still recovering from surgery and most recently contracted a cold that has dragged on for weeks, resulting in nausea and fatigue. So I am just trying to pay attention to minute variations in my health after eating something ‘new’.

As OH likes to point out when we are trying to figure out what to eat, I don’t like vegetables and thus am very picky about the way they are prepared. So when I suggested baba ghanoush (pureed eggplant dip) and flat bread for guests, he was willing to make and try it. I was a little discouraged by how it tasted without salt (unfortunately that’s a common reaction for me) but he said it tasted great.

However, later both he and another guest had major bowel distress. He attributed it to the chopped, raw garlic the recipe I found had called for. I didn’t experience that, but did experience some bladder urgency which I hadn’t had for awhile and awoke the next morning feeling weak and very fuzzy which I’m going to assume is my reaction to eggplant.

So I’m assuming eggplant is a “no”.

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