When you’re first diagnosed, you may suddenly feel like you are in a free fall, that this was not what you were expecting, or that you knew something was wrong but now that you hear it, you imagine in an instant how differently your life will be, at least in the next few months.

In times of panic, I take a few deep breaths then try to calmly assess my current situation — my shelter, food & money — to realize that right here, right now, right at this exact moment, I’m okay.

So I’ve organized my posts by these categories to try to prevent ovewhelm and to allow you to browse by topic. This site has been around since 2007 so there are still posts going back that far. I hope you find the information useful!

Shelter (‘shel teər): something that covers or affords protection | SYNONYMS house, habitat. Initially I wanted to call this category ‘home’ but I realized that some people are not in a place they would consider a ‘forever’ home and might flinch at the term. Maybe you are newly diagnosed and intending to move right away, or maybe you are temporarily in a rehab hospital or some other residential facility.

Food (‘füd): something consumed to sustain growth, repair, and vital processes | SYNONYMS meal, snack. Here I discuss my experiences with MS diets. I will share some easy recipes I’ve tried and some I plan to try.

Money (mə nē): something generally accepted as a medium of exchange | SYNONYMS investing, cash, income. This is a place to review basic finance and budgeting, as well as employment and estate planning issues.

Assists (ə ‘sists): something or someone that gives support or aid | SYNONYMS caregivers, devices, lifts. The category for things I use to help me. Also product reviews, self-help tips and tricks, maybe even an occasional helpful quote or positive affirmation.

Medical (‘me-di-kəl): of, relating to, or concerned with physicians or medication / SYNONYMS medicinal, therapeutical, aesculapian. Here are posts about all of the different doctors, other medical professionals, and drugs I’ve tried. It will likely become your “team.”

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in July 1991 so I’ve been learning to live with it for years. Follow me here to learn and share things.

And know that you can do this.

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