I celebrate a carepartner: my Dad

A poem I wrote to my dad for Father’s Day.


DadDaughter of one, sister of one,
married to one, friend to many.
I will never know
how it feels to be one.
But I can thank you.
For everything you've tried
to teach me.
And all the things I've learned anyhow
from watching you.
To be kind, like who I am and strive
to be a better me today
than I was yesterday.
To be curious about new things
and trust my own research.
To let those we love
make big, spectacular mistakes
then help fix what we can
and stay out of it if we can't.
To be polite but pick my battles.
Listen and consider alternatives.
Walk (or roll!) gently on the earth.
To try to age gracefully.


Happy Father's Day, Dad.  I love you, and thanks!

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