I dream of cinnamon rolls

We’ve successfully made sourdough starter with spelt flour and he now uses it to make me pizza. It is amazing how happy this makes me. Of course, now that I can have pizza, I want doughnuts. And cinnamon rolls. And pie.

Maybe we can use this sourdough starter to make bread successfully. I know we can buy spelt bread at Whole Foods, but it’s not always in stock when we go, or we can only find one or two loaves, which we keep in the freezer but run out of too soon.

I used to be able to toy around with a found recipe, but these days I am too crippled and tired to find one, convince OH to make it, then explain to him why it may or may not work. And if it doesn’t, to do it again.

So anyone got an existing bread recipe with only spelt flour (ok, try whole wheat)? I can’t have egg yolks, but egg whites are okay as is baker’s yeast. No milk. Uses oil instead of butter. Potato starch is okay as is rice flour, maybe those can be used to lighten the loaf. It also might be nice to make it in a bread machine, but not necessary.

My friend “Mother Hen” makes bread every week or two; I’d like us to do that as well, but don’t have the energy to test ideas first.

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