“I’m melting! melting!”

The first time I experienced MS fatigue, I was living on the Peninsula in the Bay Area.  It was exhaustion like I’d never known.  {Now when I hear it described as “complete system failure,” I just nod my head; I recognize.}

I remember trying to fold my clean laundry in a laundromat and having to stop and rest after one or two pieces at a time.  

My arms felt like lead, my legs felt like they were shuffling through quicksand and my brain was so, so foggy. And sleeping didn’t help; getting out of bed each morning was a battle. The exacerbation lasted a few weeks.

As with all my symptoms, it seems that once I’ve had it for the first time, the subsequent times I get it don’t seem as severe.  In reality, I suspect that they are as severe but that I become desensitized to them.  Or maybe it’s just never as scary ever after.

In any case, I think I am in the throes of an exacerbation, and the current heat wave isn’t helping.

Info checked 09/23/2022

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