My love/hate relationship with exercise

Exercise. I do feel better when I am doing it regularly, but every time I stop for an exacerbation, it takes so much out of me to start again. And there are conflicting schools of thought on whether it is better to force my way through the exacerbation or whether I should give in to the fatigue at that time.
But in my re-commitment to the “diet” and attempts to stave off depression, I am now getting on the elliptical machine everyday.  It’s kind of like a stair-stepper with moving handles so I am pumping my arms as well.  It allows a bit of stability while I am moving and I like to imagine I am walking unassisted.
My therapist recommends that we don’t exercise before bed because vigorous exercise is stimulating and can interfere with a body’s ability to fall asleep.  I, however, am exhausted by this tiny bit of exertion so exercising right before bed for right now allows me to take advantage of that exhaustion.
I am hoping that as I get my stamina up, I will no longer be exhausted by it and thus will have to schedule exercising for some other time of day.  Until then, I am working on increasing the time I can stay on it.  I am currently only up to about two minutes, but hey, I started at thirty seconds.
My favorite way to workout is still the pool, but I have stopped going up there for right now.  First, the mornings got colder and then OH had surgery and was no longer going up to the pool at 5:30 a.m. with me. Also, with my money anxiety, I couldn’t justify the $100/month fee for both of us when I was only going 2-3 times a month by myself: that was like $30-50 a swim!
I canceled the $100/month subscription and switched back to the $3.50 fee collected each time I go, even getting a bit of a discount by pre-purchasing a punch card for ten swims with no expiration date. The available times for this type of swim is different, too, but I am working at home now so I could take off for lunch, for example.
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