On to the next endeavor

I have officially abandoned the diet-test.  While on it I experienced marginal improvements, but in the end I was expecting to see more after 1-1/2 years.  As shallow as it may sound, I’ve decided to risk losing these improvements in favor of the increased quality of life of being able to eat traditional pizza, burritos and ice cream. 

So, a take-away I have added to “My Rules for Battling MS” is Rule #37, Rotate foods to avoid food sensitivities.

My attention has now veered to my digestion, more precisely the… er, finale of the process.  Since I stopped relying on the diet to manage my bladder and started taking medication for it, the, um, boat show that I was already experiencing and understood to be my norm, has gotten worse.  For example, today marks day 4 without a boat.

I have been eating even more salad and fruit and taking fiber supplements three times a day and lately even added some herbs recommended by my acupuncturist.  As I have recounted, it is typical for me to have a boat every couple of days.  From time to time, in casual conversation, I became aware that others expect more frequency — like daily.

Might this be a factor in my MS? A daily boat is my new project.

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