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  • Walking on sunshine

    Walking on sunshine

    I’ve been using a wheelchair for fifteen years. But curiously I’m always walking in my dreams.

  • MS and turmeric

    MS and turmeric

    It turns out that not only is consuming turmeric one way to combat chronic inflammation, it also has been used in traditional medicine to tone the liver and may even have a “protective effect” on it.

  • Stress and my “clutter threshold”

    Stress and my “clutter threshold”

    We all have our own “clutter threshold,” the point at which all the stuff we own has become overwhelming. That if we live above it, our space is out of control and hard to keep clean, but if we can declutter down below it, our space at least stays manageable.

  • Troublesome Tysabri®️

    Troublesome Tysabri®️

    In 2004, a new MS drug was approved by the FDA. As opposed to an interferon, Tysabri (natalizumab) is “a monoclonal antibody.” Then PML starts.

  • Caustic Copaxone®️

    Caustic Copaxone®️

    My liver toxicity from Avonex meant that I couldn’t take anything else with interferon, ruling out all other MS drugs at the time, except for one: Copaxone.

  • Anxious Avonex®️

    Anxious Avonex®️

    In December 2000 my doctor and I decided to start me on Avonex. The injections begin!

  • Before Betaseron®️

    Before Betaseron®️

    In April 1991, the doctor told me I had probable MS. Even with the confirmation of the MRI, which could show multiple brain lesions in a live person as opposed to autopsy after death, the presence of multiple lesions only mostly confirms it.  

  • How you think matters

    How you think matters

    When the logical part of my brain shuts down at night, the right side, the creative part, is always on. And, as it turns out, is very gullible.

  • MS and the DMTs

    MS and the DMTs

    There still is no way to definitively diagnose and no cure but there are now more than 15 drugs to try to halt progression, sometimes called disease-modifying therapies or treatments, DMTs.

  • MSers: Resist brain atrophy

    MSers: Resist brain atrophy

    Currently, there is no recognized way to reverse brain atrophy. So do your best to resist!