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  • Before Betaseron®️

    Before Betaseron®️

    In April 1991, the doctor told me I had probable MS. Even with the confirmation of the MRI, which could show multiple brain lesions in a live person as opposed to autopsy after death, the presence of multiple lesions only mostly confirms it.  


  • My lil’ meningioma

    My lil’ meningioma

    After my routine MRI last year, the resulting report noted at the bottom that what was previously thought to be a white matter lesion along the right, front part of my brain, consistent with MS, was actually slowly growing larger and thus more likely “a small meningioma.”


  • Something else in my head

    My neurologist tells me I have “transitioned” to Secondary-Progressive MS and my MRI notes an increase in one lesion that may instead suggest a benign tumor.