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  • My favorite tales (as inspiration)

    My favorite tales (as inspiration)

    I sometimes forget that multiple sclerosis is a serious disease.

  • Too old for Gilenya?

    Too old for Gilenya?

    This article concludes that all DMT drugs that work on MS begin to decrease in efficacy after the age of 53.

  • Genial Gilenya®️

    Genial Gilenya®️

    I am now taking the oral medication Gilenya (fingolimod). I call it genial because compared to giving myself daily shots, it is just a daily pill. But “genial” by no means suggests benign.

  • Caustic Copaxone®️

    Caustic Copaxone®️

    My liver toxicity from Avonex meant that I couldn’t take anything else with interferon, ruling out all other MS drugs at the time, except for one: Copaxone.

  • MS or gout

    MS or gout

    Obviously I’m not a scientist. But clearly, I think the relationship between uric acid and brain inflammation should continue to interest scientists.

  • 1M U.S. MSers

    1M U.S. MSers

    When I got the same answer that they had been giving for years: that there were approx. 400,000 people in the US living with it, I knew that wasn’t correct. Does’t everybody know at least someone afflicted with this disease?

  • Lorna’s brief history of the ADA

    Lorna’s brief history of the ADA

    As an MSer, I feel like I’m kinda late to the party with regards to understanding how important the ADA is. I was diagnosed in 1991 but didn’t really experience physical disability until later in my life. Why I care   The NMSS says “The ADA covers almost everyone with MS — not only people […]

  • MS and the DMTs

    MS and the DMTs

    There still is no way to definitively diagnose and no cure but there are now more than 15 drugs to try to halt progression, sometimes called disease-modifying therapies or treatments, DMTs.

  • From my dad’s daughter

    I love you, Dad! Happy Father’s Day and thanks for everything.

  • Hello? MS is still here

    It’s March 2018. MS is still here. So I’m introducing it again in case you all forgot.