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  • My favorite tales (as inspiration)

    My favorite tales (as inspiration)

    I sometimes forget that multiple sclerosis is a serious disease.

  • Absolutes, hope and MS

    Absolutes, hope and MS

    In our house we say, “In case of emergency, break glass.” It’s important to us to have some sort of “safety net.”

  • MS and hot cocoa

    MS and hot cocoa

    Hey, did you read the article that hot cocoa made with high-flavonoid chocolate could ease MS fatigue?

  • More feed yourself

    More feed yourself

    I feel like I just got comfortable with having salad for lunch every day in a wrap. But it’s so cold now! (Ha, OK: February in San Francisco!)

  • 1M U.S. MSers

    1M U.S. MSers

    When I got the same answer that they had been giving for years: that there were approx. 400,000 people in the US living with it, I knew that wasn’t correct. Does’t everybody know at least someone afflicted with this disease?

  • Lorna’s brief history of the ADA

    Lorna’s brief history of the ADA

    As an MSer, I feel like I’m kinda late to the party with regards to understanding how important the ADA is. I was diagnosed in 1991 but didn’t really experience physical disability until later in my life. Why I care   The NMSS says “The ADA covers almost everyone with MS — not only people […]

  • My salad wraps

    My salad wraps

    One of the ways I aim to increase my leafy greens intake is to eat salad for lunch. But one problem is that I’m not a salad person (you know, I.don’t.like.salads). 

  • Hello? MS is still here

    It’s March 2018. MS is still here. So I’m introducing it again in case you all forgot.

  • If you need short-term nursing

    I urge you to check out the medical facilities and services around you that you can go use for a short stay when experiencing an exacerbation.

  • Underwear and pills, oh my!

    When I was first diagnosed, ATMs existed and there were 24-hour grocery stores. I remember thinking that of all the times in history to be struck by this disease, this was the best.