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  • On to the next endeavor

    I have officially abandoned the diet-test. As shallow as it may sound, I’ve decided in favor of the increased quality of life of being able to eat pizza, burritos and ice cream. 


  • Adhering to ‘the diet’

    I haven’t mentioned it in awhile but I am still following my own, unique “diet,” avoiding those foods to which I tested as “food sensitive.” A few of the things that I have been eating: I can’t have salt (think any kind of broth) so soups are out, no legumes (lentils and hummus), no sugar,…


  • I try another MS Diet

    The Swank Diet is low-fat for the rest of your life: no cheating, no exceptions. Sadly, I only lasted about a year, and I took to retorting, “A life without cheese is no life at all!”