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  • One goal to rule them all

    For real change, you should only focus on one goal at a time. Like laser-focus. My example is Become an MS Expert.

  • Turns out, not every MSer is my peep

    A few weeks ago I took a call on the MSFriends (MSF) helpline from a “C___” in [state deleted] who was just calling to talk.  She was suffering from a migraine because she wasn’t able to take any pain medicine preemptively before she had driven herself to the appointment for her annual MRI and back […]

  • The good use of my time

    Now that I am more disabled, I find that I’d rather spend my limited energy on other things. Like this MSFriends Peer Support Hotline.

  • I am able to volunteer

    I begin volunteering to answer phones from my home for the MSFriends®️ Hotline.  It is a “peer support and referral service” for people who have MS.

  • My world is narrowing

    ‘m not bringing this up to encourage pity or sympathy.  I’m trying to examine and explain it logically and with detachment.