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  • Ah, cheese is back!


    On my way to acupuncture yesterday I stopped and had my food sensitivities rechecked.  I am so happy to report that some of the things I’ve eliminated I’m no longer showing as sensitive to! Some of the things I’ve really missed and can now eat again (in rotation every 4 days or so) are salt,…


  • Adhering to ‘the diet’

    I haven’t mentioned it in awhile but I am still following my own, unique “diet,” avoiding those foods to which I tested as “food sensitive.” A few of the things that I have been eating: I can’t have salt (think any kind of broth) so soups are out, no legumes (lentils and hummus), no sugar,…


  • First wheat (and sugar)

    First wheat (and sugar)

    My first potentially offending food is wheat (and gluten). I am eliminating it for a few weeks to see if I notice “any results.” Since the goal is to eliminate foods that trigger symptoms, the numbness and tingling in my hands should be one indicator. The book maintains that “over time it becomes easier to…