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  • Jury still out on Ocrevus

    The new MS treatment Ocrevus is showing a dramatic reduction in active relapses. But what about the rest of us?

  • Recent MS studies

    On SIRT1 and nanoparticles

  • My left hand

    I am still waiting for my first dose of the oral MS med. In the meantime, I am wrestling with a splint on my valuable, only-working left hand.

  • Yet another swerve

    I was never interested in science as a kid, but I’ve become at least curious now and I constantly need to learn about how new MS therapies work.

  • Scratch that, literally

    In 2005, I got Tysabri infusion #1. Then PML erupted and it was paused. I eventually got #2 in Oct. 2011. #3 ended in anaphylactic hives.

  • OT/PT Two-step

    Where I discover why MSers have physical and occupational therapy.

  • How could I get out?

    “In case of emergency, break glass.” Let’s hope these disaster plans are never needed in the real world.

  • My life’s quality

    In the movie The Bone Collector, Denzel Washington plays a quadriplegic crime scene investigator. As I become more disabled, I have become interested in this story line.

  • I train my brain

    I now subscribe to a service where I play brain games and my progress is measured so I can see that my scores are getting higher over time. Doing crossword puzzles, studying a new language, or learning how to play a musical instrument could be contributing to the development of new neurons.

  • My MS activist moment

    I proposed a blog post at work questioning the practice of ‘flagging’ law school applicants who requested ADA accommodations for the LSAT.