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  • MSer: Plan snacks

    MSer: Plan snacks

    Like you need to be urged to eat snacks!

  • MS and turmeric

    MS and turmeric

    It turns out that not only is consuming turmeric one way to combat chronic inflammation, it also has been used in traditional medicine to tone the liver and may even have a “protective effect” on it.

  • Ideas from the mini-kitchen

    Ideas from the mini-kitchen

    Feed yourself June 2019 edition

  • MS and hot cocoa

    MS and hot cocoa

    Hey, did you read the article that hot cocoa made with high-flavonoid chocolate could ease MS fatigue?

  • More feed yourself

    More feed yourself

    I feel like I just got comfortable with having salad for lunch every day in a wrap. But it’s so cold now! (Ha, OK: February in San Francisco!)

  • My salad wraps

    My salad wraps

    One of the ways I aim to increase my leafy greens intake is to eat salad for lunch. But one problem is that I’m not a salad person (you know, I.don’ 

  • Feed yourself, cont’d

    I’ve started to collect recipes and other hacks for food ideas that can be easily and quickly prepared at your desk, in your dorm room, upstairs from your kitchen… Just sayin’  

  • Feed yourself

    I work from home full-time as a “reasonable accommodation” for my MS (see the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA for description). Unfortunately, my office space is upstairs and my kitchen is downstairs.  

  • Another MS diet

    Another MS diet

    As I was going through some of my older blog posts, I found one which led me to what is now known as The Wahls Protocol.  Seems time to try another plan. 

  • I am (apparently) a picky eater

    I’m not a vegetable lover but I will choke them down in the interest of my health.