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  • cum grano salis* or be wary

    cum grano salis* or be wary

    I do love me a good diet test! I start the Wahl’s Protocol.

  • On an empty stomach

    I have switched medication for my bladder. It says “Take twice a day, 1 hour before or two hours after eating” which seems straight-forward until I started to think about it.

  • On to the next endeavor

    I have officially abandoned the diet-test. As shallow as it may sound, I’ve decided in favor of the increased quality of life of being able to eat pizza, burritos and ice cream. 

  • I dream of cinnamon rolls

    We’ve successfully made sourdough starter with spelt flour and he now uses it to make me pizza. Of course, now that I can have pizza, I want doughnuts.

  • 8-months check-in

    I’ve been feeling discouraged that my mobility still is bad despite this experiment.

  • Duck eggs

    In an effort to find alternatives to what I can’t eat, my husband has been scrambling me duck eggs.

  • Ah, cheese is back!

    On my way to acupuncture yesterday I stopped and had my food sensitivities rechecked.  I am so happy to report that some of the things I’ve eliminated I’m no longer showing as sensitive to! Some of the things I’ve really missed and can now eat again (in rotation every 4 days or so) are salt, […]

  • Eggplant

    Next I tried baba ghanoush (pureed eggplant dip) and flat bread but I was a little discouraged by how it tasted without salt.

  • Anti-coffee?

    I am still maintaining dietary restrictions from my food sensitivities. But I gradually started drinking coffee again because it smelled so good in the morning.

  • How I managed

    Christmas has passed with not too much drama.  It was nice, low-key and relaxing.  I still have gifts to wrap and give to friends, but am able to do that leisurely (as is always my goal to do way ahead of the holiday.  Ah, well: maybe next year).  Surprisingly, I managed to stay mostly on […]