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  • My food sensitivities


    It turns out that there are no 100 percent reliable tests for food sensitivities at this time. But continuing to pursue the theory that there is a link between what foods my immune system is sensitive to and my health, I went to see a woman recommended by my acupuncturist for food sensitivity testing using […]


  • First wheat (and sugar)

    First wheat (and sugar)

    My first potentially offending food is wheat (and gluten). I am eliminating it for a few weeks to see if I notice “any results.” Since the goal is to eliminate foods that trigger symptoms, the numbness and tingling in my hands should be one indicator. The book maintains that “over time it becomes easier to […]


  • I try another MS Diet

    The Swank Diet is low-fat for the rest of your life: no cheating, no exceptions. Sadly, I only lasted about a year, and I took to retorting, “A life without cheese is no life at all!”