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  • My bladder vs. the diet test

    keep thinking I can “cheat” sometimes with my food sensitivities, like you sometimes do when you are following a diet to lose weight.  But I had another reminder that one, the diet is helping, and two, I can’t cheat.  Sigh.

  • Ah, cheese is back!

    On my way to acupuncture yesterday I stopped and had my food sensitivities rechecked.  I am so happy to report that some of the things I’ve eliminated I’m no longer showing as sensitive to! Some of the things I’ve really missed and can now eat again (in rotation every 4 days or so) are salt, […]

  • Anti-coffee?

    I am still maintaining dietary restrictions from my food sensitivities. But I gradually started drinking coffee again because it smelled so good in the morning.

  • How I managed

    Christmas has passed with not too much drama.  It was nice, low-key and relaxing.  I still have gifts to wrap and give to friends, but am able to do that leisurely (as is always my goal to do way ahead of the holiday.  Ah, well: maybe next year).  Surprisingly, I managed to stay mostly on […]

  • The incontinence spectrum

    The incontinence spectrum

    In the interest of full disclosure about what it’s like to be a person living with this disease, I have to confess my biggest shame: urinary incontinence. 

  • Overcast is good

    Overcast is good

    Even as California has had record-breaking heat and some out of control brush fires, where I live has been overcast and socked in by heavy fog, which is good for me physically but not emotionally.