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  • Ideas from the mini-kitchen

    Ideas from the mini-kitchen

    Feed yourself June 2019 edition

  • I’m an MSer and a debt-oholic

    I’m an MSer and a debt-oholic

    When I was in college the credit card companies were eager to get us to sign up for a card. In our own name. How could I not? Now I recognize that as the seduction of a drug dealer. Just a little taste and then they got you.

  • Reluctant budgeter

    I’ve always seen making a budget as “more of a guideline”.

  • Feed yourself

    I work from home full-time as a “reasonable accommodation” for my MS (see the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA for description). Unfortunately, my office space is upstairs and my kitchen is downstairs.  

  • Use power for good

    $50,000 is a lot of money to us; for big corporations, it’s only a drop or less.

  • I train my brain

    I now subscribe to a service where I play brain games and my progress is measured so I can see that my scores are getting higher over time. Doing crossword puzzles, studying a new language, or learning how to play a musical instrument could be contributing to the development of new neurons.

  • On driving

    On driving

    I have not driven myself in over four years. With friends and family chauffeuring me around, I might not even miss it at this point.

  • How I managed

    Christmas has passed with not too much drama.  It was nice, low-key and relaxing.  I still have gifts to wrap and give to friends, but am able to do that leisurely (as is always my goal to do way ahead of the holiday.  Ah, well: maybe next year).  Surprisingly, I managed to stay mostly on […]