Use power for good

I feel like I’m getting first hand experience that I can share with my peers as they age.

He and I cheer each other up by telling ourselves that we are “going first,” testing the water.

Things like…

→ Have to be concerned about falling?  I’m already there.

→ Need to walk with a walker? I already do.

→ Use a wheelchair? Yep.  

And friends that are arranging to borrow loaners for me are getting experience too!

→ Get a disabled placard? I got it

And even though I am not driving anymore, I still use it when going out with friends.

→ Buy and wear disposable underwear? I’ve got experience.

→ Use a pill container? {That’s for you, J!} Sure.

On MS Friends helpline

I talked to a caller recently about his frustration with the hospital billing him instead of his health insurance company because they didn’t want to “deal with the company” anymore. 

Sadly, I have experience with this, too.

I’m guessing the caller would prefer not to “deal” with either of them either!   This seems so childish to me.

I look at this situation and am disgusted. We are sick. We can’t spend our limited energy to mediate hurt feelings between the hospital and the insurance company.

Are there rich MSers?

$50,000 is a lot of money to us; for big corporations, it’s only a drop or less.

I think the majority of us would like to honor our debts {if they are, in fact, our debts, not the hospital’s bloated idea of place to start negotiating} but maybe just not in the time frame when they want it.

Don’t even get me started on the costs we have to bear for the expensive medications that may or may not even be working! There is still no way to test for that; we can only wait and see.

And when you are just trying to do your best, make ends meet, and hang on until the next day when hopefully it will be better, petty squabbling between big corporations seems so pathetic.

I wish I could slap them and say “Grow up!”  

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